Radical Short: Dave Reads A Poem & Lily Sings A Song


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In this Radical Short I talk to Dave Nadelberg, co-founder of the stage show, television series, books, movie and more that make up Mortified. In the last episode of A Therapist Walks Into a Bar, "The Presence of Past," I shared some clips from my performance in the stage show in Oakland. But this thing, where people get on stage and read from their adolescent diaries, share poems, songs, plays they wrote - it actually happens in chapters all over the world. Several months ago, on my sister show Radical Advice, I chatted with Dave about how all this got started. Learn more about Mortified at www.getmortified.com Learn more about Radical Advice and submit a life question at www.radicaladviceshow.com and find the archives or tune in live at www.BFF.fm Learn more about this show at www.atherapistwalksintoabar.com Become a patron at www.patreon.com/atherapistwalksintoabar

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