The Best Defense Is the One You Know


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For decades, the field of psychology has been interested in understanding the myriad creative strategies we employ to cope with life's inevitable discomforts. But right now, I wonder if I can convince you that your defense mechanisms might be the key to knowing who you are as an individual and who WE are as a collective. And maybe, just maybe the ways we defend ourselves against the things that scare us are unfairly getting a bad rap. ?I say, the best defense is the one you know. This episode features Molly Merson, a psychotherapist in Berkeley, CA. Learn more at Credits Produced by: Lily Sloane Edited by: Emily Shaw Additional Editorial Support by: Rueben Ly & Keith Menconi Music & Sound Design by: Lily Sloane Episode Image: "Tauben in Stein" by mingusmutter via creative commons. Image is cropped and brightness has been adjusted. Thank you to the Wooden Nickel and the friends and strangers at the bar who opened up to me. For a complete transcript of the episode, visit

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