Very Dark Very Appropriate


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Wrapping up a very troubling year, "Very Dark, Very Appropriate" explores why we love listening to really sad music and how this can actually be good for us. This episode's featured guest is Stacey McGuirl, musician and San Francisco based psychotherapist. Visit for more. Keep digging into the sadness with these helpful links: Nick Cave lecture: The Secret Life of the Love Song: Feeling Blue? Sad songs DO help us cope better with grief, study finds: Why We Like Sad Music (New York Times): For a special sad song play list created by Lily with input from listeners: Credits Producer: Lily Sloane Editorial Support: Stacey McGuirl Music Credits "Tough As Texas": My Side Project (download/listen on Bandcamp): "Downprov": Richard Marchant (download/listen on Soundcloud): "Everybody Leaves": Lily&Stacey (download/listen on Soundcloud): Additional Music & Sound Design: Lily Sloane Episode photo by Marc Gautier, used under creative commons: Special thanks to my traveling buddies in Japan for use of our sad music conversation and everyone who pitched in their favorite sad songs for the playlist. Please subscribe and sign up for the newsletter at so you don't miss what's coming in 2017!

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