Collier Meyerson’s Thingies (Hello, Femme Sandals!) and a Breast-Feeding PSA


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How excited are we to talk Thingies with Collier Meyerson? So. Her most recent project Love Thy Neighbor is a podcast about a 1991 event known as the Crown Heights riot and what it says about about racism, antisemitism, and police violence here and now. Collier comes bearing books, outdoor couches, and alt uses for photo-printing sites. But first: a bit of breast-feeding intel.

Some further reading from our breastfeeding/weaning discussion: Joanna Goddard’s piece about her first episode of depression and how it happened right after abruptly quit breastfeeding (and be sure to read the comments!) and Meaghan O’Connell’s "Life on Planet Weaning" in The Cut (also Meaghan’s book And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready, and, yes, her Twitter feed). Different but related: “It Feels Like Every Mom I Know Is Medicated” from Romper—plus Best C-Section Ever and Romper in general!—and, uh, Moody Bitches.

Listen to Love Thy Neighbor, Collier’s five-episode podcast about the riots that took place over four days in 1991 in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. So good, so personal.

Collier’s Thingies include Dr. Scholl’s Molefoam Padding Strips for pesky bra wires, the Eliot Patio Loveseat from Target, and Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution by Nona Willis Aronowitz (out in August). If you’re inspired by Collier’s femme sandal pursuit, here’s her Kyma pair (They arrived; she loves them.). She also recommends a Tosaryu hinoki incense and holder duo from Jinen for a housewarming gift and Artifact Uprising baby board books for gifts in general—not just for babies.

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