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Since its inception in May 2019, A Vietnam Podcast (originally A Saigon Podcast) has been one of the top English language speaking podcasts in Vietnam.

We all have a story. A Vietnam Podcast talks to people connected to Vietnam, who each share their individual story.

We all have a story.

Now entering its 8th season, with over 25,000 downloads, please enjoy A Vietnam Podcast.

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Host Niall Mackay, from Glasgow, has lived in Saigon since 2016 with his wife, Adrie, and 7MB Mascot, their dog Biscuit. Who you will often hear snoring in the background of early episodes! He likes to talk but likes to listen to people and their stories. As well as hosting A Vietnam Podcast he also hosts and performs at comedy shows in Saigon and across Vietnam.

Inspired by the people that live in Saigon and Vietnam from all walks of life and backgrounds, he wants to know about their stories and experiences.

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