A11 Crypto Startup Series - Superfluid Finance. The new DeFi primitive of cashflow streaming


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Have you ever thought about being able to pay for a service or a product - such as renting an in-game NFT item or paying for a membership service - not in a lump sum but instead in a constant stream of micropayments that you can cancel at any time?

Like Aave’s flash loan, having a constant stream of cash flow is a new primitive in DeFi. In this episode I spoke with Francesco Renzi and Michele D'Aliessi from Superfluid Finance (https://www.superfluid.finance/) to look at features and use cases of this brand new DeFi primitive.

The team is building out the product and helping developers to enhance their own applications. There is a very active Discord group where discussion is taking place. Please feel free to reach out to the team to discuss possible integration.

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