A11 Crypto Startup Series - Shell Protocol. The customisable stablecoin liquidity protocol.


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What if you can have a stablecoin pool that offers customisable weighting to different stablecoins that align your view on the risk profiles of different stablecoins? What if you can have a swap pool that offers tBTC, wBTC and renBTC? Well it would make DeFi so much easier to navigate.

Shell Protocol is building the tool for people to swap between similar assets such as stablecoins. It already has $15mil liquidity in its first pool launched a few weeks ago. It is looking to build out more pools facilitating low slippage and easy swaps between similar assets.

In this episode I spoke with Denny White and James Foley from Shell Protocol (https://shells.exchange/) to dive deep into their protocol mechanics. Listen to the end to find out if you have what it takes to take on challenges facing the team and become part of the DeFi legend. You can reach the team on:

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZqMJPr4

Email: info@cowri.io

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