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As a professional basketball player, Aaron Gordon knows physical health is a big part of the job. But what about the power of mental wellness? Can we apply concepts from all over the world towards becoming better players and healthier people?On "Aaron Gordon's Quest for Enlightenment," AG and his co-hosts ( psychotherapist David Vaughns and basketball insider Burton Chawla) speak to experts from around the world about the connection between sports and mental wellness. They translate Eastern philosophy to Aaron's very Western NBA lifestyle, following in his lifelong pursuit of finding greater meaning wherever it lives.With mental wellness becoming an increasingly important topic in sports, Aaron and company are here to give a unique window into his game and his life. You'll be informed. You'll be entertained. You'll be enlightened."Aaron Gordon's Quest for Enlightenment" is proudly presented by Talkspace.Produced by Lineage Digital x DBPodcasts

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