Prince Andrew's legal battles


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It's been seven years since Virginia Giuffre first made allegations against the Queen's son, Prince Andrew. The Prince has always emphatically denied the allegations, which include that he knew Giuffre was being trafficked by the now-deceased American financier Jeffrey Epstein when she was a teenager, and that he allegedly had sex with her anyway on three separate occasions. After an earlier criminal investigation into the allegations was wound up, Giuffre's lawyers have initiated a civil case against him in a court in New York. But it could be a drawn out affair, with even just getting the legal papers in front of the Prince proving to be tricky. Today on The Signal, what is Virginia Giuffre alleging? And if the case does get to trial in America, what will it mean for Giuffre, for Prince Andrew, and for the royal family itself? Featured: Mark Stephen, Media lawyer and Partner, Howard Kennedy, London

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