The Walding Family; Anglers, Divers, and Surfers


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In this episode:

Salt Life team members Ryder, Lana, and Capt. Jacob Walding sit down with Kieran to talk about what they love most, Living the Salt Life. In this episode, they talk about the adventures that they take as a family – including fishing, diving and surfing!

Topics discussed in this episode with the Walding Family:

  • Getting involved in the fishing, diving and surfing community
  • Favorite fish species to target
  • Craziest fishing story
  • Paddling across the bay for Cystic Fibrosis
  • Most rewarding part of being involved in the paddle
  • Advice for new Salt Water anglers
  • Favorite surf spots
  • Trophy fish they’ve caught and speared
  • Recreational freediving
  • Tenure as a Salt Life team member

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