263: From High School to $1.5 Billion in Real Estate Deals with Spencer Gray


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If you’re looking to grow from residential to commercial (or residential to multifamily), don’t have an expensive education (or don’t use yours), and want to have amazing success, today’s conversation is for you.

My guest is Spencer Gray. He’s the president of Gray Capital, where he leads and develops investment strategy, performance, due diligence, and underwriting for their multifamily portfolio. He started in 2006 as a residential investor straight out of high school and has since been involved in over $1 billion worth of transactions and controls over $500M in real estate assets.

The best part about Spencer’s path, is that it’s one that you can start following right now. You can start doing deals, scaling capital, and creating amazing opportunities for yourself, just like he did–and just like I did.

In this amazing conversation, Spencer and I discuss what makes the multifamily market of 2022 so different from 2019, why top-line revenue keeps growing, and how to find Midwestern markets that are cash flow positive and appreciating by 15-20%.

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