Preventing Moisture and Corrosion Damage on Electronics in Harsh Conditions


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Preventing Moisture and Corrosion Damage on Electronics in Harsh Conditions

podcast episode with speaker Dan Jenkins

The goal of this presentation is to educate the audience of options to prevent electronic equipment failure used in enclosed spaces from corrosion through preventative maintenance practices. As most know, the metals used in today s electronics are processed but want to turn back to its original state as the iron components will oxidize, and the corrosion process begins. The addition of humidity, vibration, temperature swings, and acid environments (such as being in a tire plant or downwind from a refinery) will accelerate the process. It is this corrosion and subsequent weakening or disfiguring of the metal that causes malfunctions and failures

The presentation will discuss the following maintenance options along with their pros and cons.

1) The use of barriers in the form of coatings and films to protect the metal.
2) The use and different types of desiccants to reduce moisture. This will include Silica Beads, Diatomaceous Earth, and Expanding Polymers.

Additionally, the presentation will review how humidity develops and what actually happens to it in enclosed spaces.

Finally, the presentation will review some simple self-test methods used to determine efficacy and a few related industry standards regarding protecting electrical components in storage.

This information will help engineers and managers make better-educated decisions to help prevent the failure of electronic components that affect the facility s reliability.

Dan Jenkins is a principal with Steel Camel and a specialist in accident prevention. He holds a degree in Industrial Technology from Chico State University.

This Accendo Reliability webinar originally broadcast on 20 October 2020.

To view the recorded video/audio of the event visit the webinar page.

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