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How do we effect change for our most marginalized folx? Why is it so important for “us” to work together to fight the system collectively? Today, I’m chatting with Tareq, co-founder of the social justice brand America Hates Us (AHUS), a clothing company that is so much more than that. We are digging in deep to what brought his company around, who “us” really is, and what it means for a brand to evolve while remaining consistent.

We’re exploring:

  • What it means to combat the everyday conditioning that America stands for whiteness
  • The importance of slowing down and actually engaging with what's in front of you-instead of the constant sense of urgency
  • Understanding how one sided advice can be dangerous and how to combat it
  • The herb that can help you focus and relax at the same time
  • What does it mean for a platform or company to be able to evolve with time
  • Knowing the difference between offering others what they NEED for their healing and what you want to give
  • Weeze’s take on the first step to bringing down all systems of oppression

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Tamela Gordon (@shewritestolive) is AHUS's publications managing editor

Alison Fields (@itsalisonaf) is AHUS's marketing and communications strategist

Solange Skeene is AHUS's community relationship specialist

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