How To Facilitate Flexible Work Arrangements In Australia


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We’ve officially moved into an interesting time here in Australia, as well as globally, where working from home and flexible working arrangements have been enforced.
It’s not an easy task understanding how to facilitate flexible working arrangements in Australia and as we move back into the regular pace of work (when this is over) we will likely be faced with flexible work as an expectation. So how do we navigate that?
Flexible working hours are one thing but there are also flexible working practices that we might not have even considered because we are yet to experience the challenges and adaptations that come with a flexible workforce.
With flexible working conditions becoming the new norm, I’d like to help you navigate staff work flexibility by giving you some of my own flexible working examples as well as challenges we’ve faced or that I’ve seen play out for clients.
I’d also like to extend my help for those of you who are finding this time challenging. If you need help with your accounting or even understanding what might be available to you through the government stimulus packages, or maybe you simply need some more remote working tips please reach out to me and we can work through it together.
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