AMP 227: What’s Broken With Content Distribution (And How It Might Get Fixed) With Jonathan Gandolf From The Juice


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Why are marketers good at content production, but not so great at content distribution? They are judged based on how much work they get done, rather than the actual results that they produce. Also, content promotion with traditional channels is harder to do.

Today’s guest is Jonathan Gandolf from The Juice. He talks about a better way for content marketers to produce and distribute value. Curation is actually more powerful than creation.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • The Juice: A startup that aspires to be the Spotify of B2B content
  • Beta Program: Marketers distribute curated content and consumers discover it
  • Content Distribution: Same channels, same audience equals diminishing returns
  • Keyword Salad: Who are we creating content for? Algorithms or humans?
  • Talk to Consumers: Understand why quality content is not producing returns
  • The Right Content: Prospects want solutions to problems, not more content
  • B2B Buyer’s Journey: Map out funnel and map content to it
  • Down the Drain: 59% content isn’t read, 23% budget applied to content creation
  • Forms: Don’t expect good things from content consumers with such deliverables
  • Safe Space: Create platform to be anonymous, no contact, or generate leads
  • Marketers: Slow down and curate content for consumers at right time and place


Quotes from Jonathan Gandolf:

”What ends up happening is we create really compelling content, but then we end up going to the same channels and the same audience over and over and over again.”

“You hit this law of diminishing returns. You’re getting less returns out of that same audience. The only way to get more returns is to create more content. You end up on this hamster wheel of content creation.”

“Nobody, right now, is looking for more content. They’re just looking for the right content.”

“Curation is actually more powerful than creation.”

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