AMP 229: Creating ROI-Driven B2B Content Marketing Strategies That Work With Brad Smith From Wordable and Codeless


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Too often, content marketing strategies follow one of two paths: Keyword driven or driven based on what the writer thinks makes an interesting topic. The path to success is somewhere in between those two strategies.

Today’s guest is Brad Smith from Wordable, Codeless, and uSERP. He talks about how to create data-backed and ROI-driven content strategies that blend both approaches for maximum results.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Problems: Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are incredibly competitive
  • Affiliate Space: 70% of revenue comes from two or three keywords
  • Temporary Approach: Create great content to find an audience
  • Referral Traffic: Completely relying on what other people find interesting
  • Ads: Companies turn to other channels that are less profitable, more competitive
  • Game Plan: What components/expectations will move content and keywords?
  • Marketers don’t need more or better ideas—but test and execute them better
  • Decision-Making Process: Do it or be grounded in reality to produce best results
  • Wordable: Format, optimize, upload, and publish content in minutes for clients


Quotes from Brad Smith:

“If you’re relatively small, relatively new, not well-funded, don’t have a name for yourself or brand yet, that kind of excludes like 70 percent of the good stuff from a keyword perspective that you’d want to write for, ultimately, that’s going to bring in ROI.”

“When you’re following this method of let’s just create ‘good’ content, you’re completely 100 percent relying on what other people find interesting.”

“Social things are going to be a lot more beneficial shorter term. Over the long term, it’s just about scale.”

“The whole ranking thing is like the chicken and the egg. I can’t rank for big keywords until I’m big, but I’m not going to be big until I rank for some keywords.”

“Marketers don’t need more ideas. They don’t need better ideas. They just need to execute better, and executing better comes from processes and boring systems and operations.”

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