AMP 230: Bringing Data and Creativity Together to Create Better Content With Anastasia Leng From CreativeX


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As a marketer, do you need to create content that applies insights derived from data and research? If so, pay attention to the right data and apply it the right way to produce the most effective work possible.

Today’s guest is Anastasia Leng from CreativeX. She talks about where marketers get misled with data and how to merge data and creativity to create content that connects with customers.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Data-backed Content: Objective way to understand what’s in each content piece
  • Performance: After putting piece of content out, what has happened as a result?
  • Views/Variables: Marketers should move away from biases and assumptions
  • Trust gut or data? Marketers want to be right; get comfortable with being wrong
  • CreativeX’s Mission: Enhance and elevate creativity expression through data
  • Consistent Content: Number of clicks vs. what reflects brand and audience
  • Best Practices: Creative quality and distinctive brand assets to increase sales
  • Cheat Sheet for Content:
    • What should your definition of creative quality incorporate?
    • Brand right away; marketers have 2-3 seconds to make impression
    • Don’t waste money by running same piece of content across channels
    • Get around brevities


Quotes from Anastasia Leng:

“It’s really about having a common language for evaluating every piece of content that we create.”

“Understand what is the long-term metric that really matters, and how can you start to get creative and whatever that KPI is closer together so you can understand the relationship and the journey these two things take together.”

“Analyze content more objectively so that we’re not letting our own biases drive our understanding of what is working and what is not working in our content strategy.”

“If you’re not even aware of these things, how can you truly be a good marketer? How can you truly put out great content if you’re not actually able to really look deeply within it?”

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