AMP 231: Making Marketing Radically Ethical and Growing Your Business the Right Way With Robin Cangie From The Empowered Freelancer


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How ethical is your marketing practice? Imagine describing your job to your best non-marketing friend. What’s your response if they think your work is ethically gray or morally suspect?

Today’s guest is Robin Cangie from The Empowered Freelancer. Robin talks about how to do work that’s radically effective and ethical, where marketers avoid ethical shortcuts by focusing on work that is genuinely helpful for leads, prospects, and customers.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • The Empowered Freelancer: Real, raw talk about being self-employed
  • Radically Ethical Marketing: Honesty, transparency, and genuine helpfulness
  • What isn’t radically ethical?
    • Retargeting ads without permission from customers
    • Copy designed to deceive rather than inform
    • Goal is to get users to convert rather than help them see product value
  • Why should marketers choose tactics or structure strategy? Right thing to do
  • Quit or speak up? Figure out your threshold, values, and what you can do
  • What is a smart way to do good and better without the approach backfiring?
  • Marketers/Leaders: Think about how negative perceptions harm the business
  • Valid but Risky: Raising ethical concerns takes a tremendous amount of courage
  • Beloved Brands: Wonderful products/services and messaging tone aligns values


Quotes from Robin Cangie:

“Radically Ethical Marketing is simply marketing that puts honesty, transparency, and genuine helpfulness at its center.”

“People are becoming more wise to ways that marketers try to manipulate their perceptions, use their data to get them to buy as much stuff as possible.”

“Being radically ethical is a more sustainable long-term choice.”

“Truth be told, it was a matter of needing to look in the mirror every morning and feel good about the work that I was doing. That is something that’s very important to me.”

“You may have more power than you realize to effect change.”

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