AMP 233: What College Students and Hiring Managers Need to Know to Make Marketing Internships Successful With Owen Piehl From CoSchedule


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Are you a hiring manager responsible for building a marketing team? An internship program should not be an afterthought. Take the time to select candidates and support interns effectively to be productive team members and get a good start on their career.

Today’s guest is Owen Piehl, CoSchedule intern, who shares insights about how to get an internship for a specific role with limited experience. Owen talks about what college students and hiring managers need to know to make marketing internships successful.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Why CoSchedule? Company’s marketing mission, culture, values, and content
  • Company Research: Is it what you want to do? Submit application, interview prep
  • Skills: Highlight strengths, not weaknesses to workaround lack of experience
  • Other Opportunities: Networking led to Congress and newspaper connections
  • High Standards: Learn to accept edits and feedback; don’t take it personally
  • Fear of Failure: Believe in abilities/skills and go for things to make them happen
  • Right Decision: Do what’s right, build trust, allow room to make mistakes, grow
  • Onboarding: Broad overview to gain understanding of role and responsibilities



“I started out as the social media intern. That’s what I got hired on as with little social media experience, I might add, and then now I’ve made the transfer over to the content editor intern.” Owen Piehl

“I was looking for something where I could get into marketing a little bit, learn a little more about just how marketing teams work. As I was researching, I saw a few openings for CoSchedule, and I did some research on the company.” Owen Piehl

“(Owen) You chose to focus on how your skills fit the role, rather than how your experience fit the description.” Ben Sailer

“Ask yourself what skills you have right now that might transfer. Combine that with a dedication to never stop learning, and you just might surprise yourself with what you can achieve.” Ben Sailer

“One thing I really appreciate about CoSchedule is it’s very results oriented.” Owen Piehl

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