AMP 234: How Smaller Companies Can Use Agile Marketing to Compete Against Bigger Players With Andrea Fryrear From Agile Sherpas


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How can smaller companies compete against bigger businesses? Agile marketing is a methodology that helps companies work more efficiently and effectively to produce better outcomes.

Today’s guest is Andrea Fryrear from AgileSherpas, an agile marketing consultancy. Andrea talks about how companies can leverage limited resources the right way by having a plan and path to follow and drive outsized outcomes.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • What is agile marketing? Focus on ideal customers to get value to them faster
  • Key Benefits: Customer centricity and niche down for market share
  • Starting Point: Get back to basics to identify and prioritize high-value work
  • Dynamic Visibility: Take time to figure out and manage what’s important or not
  • Disciplined Process: Set work-in-progress limits to avoid shiny object syndrome
  • Generate Results: Get more done by doing less to accomplish goals
  • Baseline: Implement agile to measure process improvements, marketing metrics
  • Potential Problems: Lack of understanding, misconceptions of agility + marketing


Quotes from Andrea Fryrear:

“If it’s not getting you anywhere, then that speed is just waste. It’s wasted energy.”

“Agile does all of its optimization and its speed and its waste reduction to deliver value to a customer faster.”

“What do we need in order to effectively identify the high-value work and prioritize the high-value work? We need to know everything that’s out there. Everything we are doing compared with everything we could be doing.”

“Agile is meant to apply holistically across all the work that a team does.”

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