Stay Outraged: Jake Tapper on Politics, Hunger and the Media


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How has the role of the media changed over the last four years? CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper joins Billy Shore to talk about journalism, politics and his work in support of causes like No Kid Hungry and military veterans. “We’re in a war over facts. Right now, two of the biggest stories are about that - people who deny COVID and the seriousness of it and people who deny the election results. In both cases, the leading purveyor of disinformation is the President,” Tapper says. “There is the potential for journalism to be better. There is the capacity for people whose eyes have been opened during the Trump administration to stay engaged and stay outraged,” he believes.

Tapper has observed more focused attention on hunger during the pandemic. “This year we’ve covered it a lot, obviously because there’s been a lot of hunger and a lot of challenges in terms of feeding kids,” he notes. “There are a bunch of reporters and journalists who want to tell these stories and a bunch of Americans who want to hear them. I think there’s a tremendous amount of goodwill out there,” he says.

Listen to this fascinating conversation with of one America’s most astute and respected political journalists.

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