Juggalo's invade One Tree Hill with Laguna Biotch


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Annabelle has a virtual sleepover gab sesh with Kelli Williams the genius creator of the viral Instagram account @Laguna_Biotch they talk about their love for Backstreet Boys, old mall stores, their fascination with the Juggalos the obsessed fans of "Insane Clown Posse" & they relive some of the greatest storylines of "One Tree Hill". Follow @AnnabelleDesisto @Laguna_Biotch on instagram Nightly Defense -Rory A digital health clinic for women.●they make it simple to connect with a healthcare professional online, and see if personalized prescription skincare treatment is right for you. All from the comfort of your home.●Go on your phone or computer, complete a free online consultation, and you’ll hear back from a U.S.-licensed healthcare professional within 24 hours.●And if appropriate, they’ll prescribe a personalized skincare treatment plan that works just for you and your skin.●With Rory you don’t even have to go to the pharmacy; your custom skin care is delivered right to you with free2-day shipping.●You can also follow-up with a healthcare professional anytime if you need to make a change to your treatment or have any questions. They’re with you every step of the way on your skincare journey.●Go to hellorory.com/COMPLIMENTS to try out nightly defense for jus t$5. It’s free to chat with the doctor, and your first order is just $5! That’s hellorory.com/COMPLIMENTS .

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