Episode 116: Lucinda Williams, Wares, The Revenue man, Norma MacDonald, The Lowest Pair, Man of the Minch, Ben Bostick, Jeff Crosby, Elk Run + Riot, Hearth, The Pinkerton Raid, Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society


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  1. Lucinda Williams -- “Man Without a Soul” (Good Souls Better Angels)
  2. Wares -- “Survival” (Survival)
  3. The Revenue Man -- “My Own Eulogy” (25 Years Behind)
  4. Norma MacDonald -- “Trick of the Light” (Old Future)
  5. The Lowest Pair -- “Wild Animals” (The Perfect Plan)
  6. Man of the Minch -- “Circles” (Single)
  7. Ben Bostick -- “The Last Coast” (Among the Faceless Crowd)
  8. Jeff Crosby -- “Out of My Hands” (Northstar)
  9. Elk Run + Riot -- “Castle Wolf” (Morning Light)
  10. Hearth -- “The Angel” (Hearth)
  11. The Pinkerton Raid -- “Dream the Sun” (Single)
  12. Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society -- “Sallie Mae” (Single)
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