Episode 121: Jaime Wyatt, Jake Blount, Kathryn LeGendre, Teddy Thompson, Michelle Mandico, Rae Radick, 2nd Grade, Jeremy Squires, Raye Zaragoza, Hayes Peebles, Mike Blair & the Stonewalls, Drover Shy, David Stone


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  1. Jaime Wyatt -- “Rattlesnake Girl” (Neon Cross)
  2. Jake Blount -- “Brown Skin Baby” (Spider Tales)
  3. Kathryn LeGendre -- “One Long Sad Song” (Single)
  4. Teddy Thompson -- “At a Light” (Heartbreaker Please)
  5. Michelle Mandico -- “Mr.” (Something New)
  6. Rae Radick -- “Keep ‘Em Guessing” (Single)
  7. 2nd Grade -- “W2” (Hit to Hit)
  8. Jeremy Squires -- “Morning Star” (Eastern Glow)
  9. Raye Zaragoza -- “Fight Like a Girl” (Single)
  10. Hayes Peebles -- “Loneliness” (Single)
  11. Mike Blair & The Stonewalls -- “River” (Single)
  12. Drover Shy -- “When I’m Gone” (Single)
  13. David Stone -- “Evelyn” (David Stone)
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