Episode 123: INTERVIEW w/ Justin Hiltner & Kara Kundert of Bluegrass Pride, Ladama, Nana Grizol, Suzy Callahan, Ben de la Cour, The Northern Belle, American Aquarium, Andrea & Mud, Victoria Bailey, Will Hawkins, Erin McKeown, Courtesy Tier, Misty River, H


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I kick off this episode by discussing the importance of anti-racist white voices in music -- and what I mean by anti-racism. To hear more white artists who stand up against racism -- and grapple with their own roles within it -- you can listen to my Spotify playlist. I also interview Kara Kundert and Justin Hiltner about the Bluegrass Pride nonprofit and their streaming festival Porch Pride. You can catch it on Saturday, 6/27 and Sunday, 6/28! Thanks again to Patreon and Ko-fi contributors who helped me buy the laptop; I need it specifically to make the podcast. The rest is gonna go to to the Trans Justice Funding Project!
  1. Ladama -- “Misterio” AND “Tierra Tiembla” (Oye Mujer)
  2. Nana Grizol -- “We Carry The Feeling” (South Somewhere Else)
  3. Suzy Callahan -- “Bicycle in Your Future” (Not Exactly Sad)
  4. Ben de la Cour -- “Amazing Grace (Slight Return)” (Shadow Land)
  5. The Northern Belle -- “Remember It” (Single)
  6. American Aquarium -- “The Luckier You Get” (Lamentations)
  7. Andrea & Mud -- “Birmingham, AL 8:30 AM” (Lines)
  8. Victoria Bailey -- “Honky Tonk Woman” (Single)
  9. Will Hawkins -- “Bright Lights” (Single)
  10. Erin McKeown -- “The Queer Gospel” (Mirrors Break Back / According to Us)
  11. Courtesy Tier -- “There Will be Fire” (Ithaca)
  12. Misty River -- “Take This Dance” (Live From Under the Apple Tree Studios)
  13. Handsome Hound -- “Geometry of You” (Geometry of You)
  14. Imperial April -- “Peachy” (Single)
  15. Jake Blount -- “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” (Spider Tales)
  16. The Jerry Cans -- “Swell (My Brother)” (Echoes)
INTERVIEW: Justin Hiltner and Kara Kundert of Bluegrass Pride discuss their livestream festival Porch Pride! Send me music via SubmitHub! Send me money via Ko-fi or Patreon. Find Rachel and her comic via https://linktr.ee/rachel.cholst

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