Episode 134: Zephaniah O'Hora, Jeremy & The Harlequins, Bethany Thomas, Half Gringa, Our Man in the Field, Oceanator, Jeremy Squires, Water Liars, Ozymandias Carter, Atta Boy, The Wonderful Nobodies, Have Gun Will Travel


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Hey! We had 1000 downloads a month! Also, Country Queer Spotlight is live now! Listen to my interview of Jaime Wyatt! Also also, I had to scratch the first artist I planned to play because I couldn’t get a hold of those mp3s after all. Hopefully the edit isn’t too weird! Album of the Week: Bethany Thomas -- BT/SHE/HER This album is a masterpiece. Thomas, who has played with Jon Langford (hence her connection to Bloodshot Records), is also a classical musician, plays jazz...pretty much everything. No matter what the song sounds like, though, Thomas absolutely RIPS on guitar. Her songs are beautiful, too, relating the life of a queer black person in the Midwest with skill and grace. The album is confident and bold and one of the best this year.
  1. Zephaniah O’Hora -- “Living Too Long” (Listening to the Music)
  2. Jeremy & the Harlequins -- “Let’s Ride” (Single)
  3. Bethany Thomas -- “Walls + Ceilings” (BT/SHE/HER)
  4. Half Gringa -- “Transitive Property” (Force to Reckon)
  5. Our Man in the Field -- “Thin (I Used to Be Bullet Proof)” (Single)
  6. Oceanator -- “A Crack in the World” (Things I Never Said)
  7. Jeremy Squires -- “Hummingbird” (Many Moons)
  8. Water Liars -- “I Want Blood” (Water Liars)
  9. Ozymandias Carter -- “Rebels Like Us” (The Vanishing Crowd)
  10. Atta Boy -- “Lucky” (Big Heart Manners)
  11. The Wonderful Nobodies -- “Walk That Road Alone” (A/B)
  12. Have Gun Will Travel -- “Melancholy Moon (Everything Dies)” (Single)
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