Episode 149: Roof Beams, Micah Bendigo, The 1984 Draft, J. Maceo, Tommy Atkins, Tret Fure, Pillow Queens, Koyt far dayn fardakht, Kurt Leege, Oskar Schonning, Odetta Holmes, Tanya Ransom, Posable Action Figures ft. Honeyblood


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This week we get into punk, country, jazz, women’s music...all of it, really. Apologies for the pop filter bumping against the mic -- I didn’t realize that was happening!

Album of the Week: Roof Beams -- This Life Must Be Long

I’ve enjoyed the Maryland-based Roof Beams’ brand of authentic folk rock for some time now. Speaking of time, the band had plenty of time on their hands this spring and summer and recorded their parts for This Life Must Be Long from home. This works well, with the band sticking to a guitar-forward sound that I feel is becoming less popular. But at the end of the day, you need powerful voices and beautiful songwriting at the forefront. Don’t worry -- Roof Beams has that on here, with songs that are heartbreaking, vulnerable, and joyous. This is an album that will make you feel all the feels you may have been numbing yourself from in 2020, and it’s fitting that we get it at the end of a difficult ride.

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  1. Roof Beams -- “Carry On” (This Life Must Be Long)
  2. Micah Bendigo -- “She Strewed the Flowers Across the Floor” (Single)
  3. The 1984 Draft -- “Shame About Grace” (Destination Breakdown)
  4. J. Maceo -- “Still” (Single)
  5. Tommy Atkins -- “Cinderella’s Had a Drink” (Kiss Me, Cowboy)
  6. Tret Fure -- “Freedom” (Rembrandt Afternoons)
  7. Pillow Queens -- “HowDoILook” (In Waiting)
  8. Koyt far dayn fardakht -- “Mya Left Work (Comrades in Struggle)” (Single)
  9. Kurt Leege -- “At Last” (Sleepytime Jazz)
  10. Oskar Schonning & The Calle Stenmen Quintet -- “Big Boys” (America, Oh America)
  11. Odetta Holmes -- “Take Me to the Pilot” (Odetta Sings)
  12. Tanya Ransom -- “Cyclone” (Single)
  13. Posable Action Figures ft. Honeyblood -- “Danger Kill” (Single)

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