Episode 154: Cristina Vane, Uncle Ben's Remedy, Alison Self, Moon Mouth, Jason Anderson, Dazz & Brie, Jessye DeSilva, Dope Lemon, Jane McNealy, Hardened and Tempered, Old Joy, John Driskell Hopkins, Love Crumbs


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This week’s episode is sponsored by the Choose Your Struggle podcast. Listen to real-life people share their struggles with addiction and mental health and #EndTheStigma today.

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on -- just the usual blend of Americana, country, punk and funk! Album of the Week: Uncle Ben’s Remedy -- Easy Way to Here If you’re looking for some of that rough-and-tumble country punk that’s so hard to find these days, check out Easy Way to Here. There’s nothing but great songs and boot-stomping here. Uncle Ben’s Remedy can part as hard as anybody, but when they want to slow things down and delve into the small tragedies of every day people, they do a fantastic job there, too. The album came out in December, but it’s good a way to start the year as any.
  1. Cristina Vane -- “Half Moon Baby” (Magnolia Sessions)
  2. Uncle Ben’s Remedy -- “Drink to Remember” (Easy Way to Here)
  3. Alison Self -- “Whiskey Drunk” (Single)
  4. Moon Mouth -- “Ghost” (Single)
  5. Jason Anderson -- “Omaha” (What It Was and What We Wanted)
  6. Dazz & Brie -- “Darlene” (Can’t Chase Girls & Your Money Too)
  7. Jessye DeSilva -- “Something Wicked” (Hover)
  8. Dope Lemon -- “Kids Fallin’ In Love” (Single)
  9. Jane McNealy -- “This Can’t Be the End (feat. Harold Battiste and Melvin Lastie” (Single)
  10. Hardened and Tempered -- “Hold the Line” (Hold the Line)
  11. Old Joy -- “Summer Passing” (Monks Aflame)
  12. John Driskell Hopkins -- “Missing You All, All the Time” (Single)
  13. Love Crumbs -- “Cavalcades” (Single)
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