Episode 163: Gabe Lee, Mercy Bell, Amina Shareef Ali, Morgan Wade, Rob Leines, Royal Horses, Sam C. Jones, Melissa Carper, Mandy Rowden, The Heels, Deadass Dobro, Schmekel, Janet Simpson, Samhain, Ontarians, Yasmin Williams


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New website, who dis?

Adobe & Teardrops condemns the violence against AAPI women this past week. I played a set of AAPI Americana artists in solidarity, and to remind us that this impacts the Americana world as well.

Album of the Week: Melissa Carper -- Daddy's Country Gold

I also wrote this up in No Depression. I can’t say enough that Melissa Carper is so freakin smart. Daddy’s Country Gold is vintage-style excellence, but it also subverts classic country music and insist on adding a queer presence there. As we’ll see on “Makin’ Memories,” a lot of this album is about questioning the past, and what really happened, and maybe seeing new things in it that we didn’t before.

  1. Gabe Lee -- “Ol’ Smokey (Reimagined)” (Single) (2:49)
  2. Mercy Bell -- “Black Dress” (All Good Cowboys) (6:40)
  3. Amina Shareef Ali -- “Farewell to My Man” (In the Dark (Awake of Course)) (11:26)

  1. Morgan Wade -- “Other Side” (16:26) (Reckless)
  2. Rob Leines -- “Saturday Night” (19:35) (Blood, Sweat, and Beer)
  3. Royal Horses -- “Time Wounds All Heals” (Single) (24:10)
  4. Sam C. Jones -- “Born to Love You” (Single) (27:44)

  1. Melissa Carper -- “Makin’ Memories” (31:56) (Daddy’s Country Gold)
  2. Mandy Rowden -- “Ghosts on the Arkansas” (35:48) (Parachute)
  3. The Heels -- “High Heels On” (Single) (40:36)
  4. Deadass Dobro -- “Through the Night” (Single) (43:23)

  1. Schmekel -- “FTM at the DMV”(48:54) (The Whale That Ate Jonah)
  2. Janet Simpson -- “Nashville Girls” (50:11) (Safe Distance)
  3. Samhain -- “Let the Horses Run” (Single) (53:07)
  4. Ontarians -- “No Regrets” (The Greatest Short Story Never Told) (57:22)

  1. Yasmin Williams -- “Adrift (ft. Taryn Wood)” (Urban Driftwood) (1:01:54)

Podcast intro by Alma Contra, music from Two Cow Garage’s “Stars & Gutters”

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