#32: One Cut of the Dead (Shin'ichirô Ueda)


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If you love low-budget films, then this is an instant hit for your viewing pleasure. You might enjoy the one cut filmmaking on this, but make sure to stay with this film as takes a turn for the better. Filmmaker Shin'ichirô Ueda directed, edited, and wrote the script for One Cut of the Dead. To make his film, Ueda worked with the Enbu Seminar drama school in Tokyo. Enbu Seminar not only produced the film, but also hosted the acting workshops that Ueda used to help cast its actors, most of them unknowns. In the first section, the cast and crew of a low-budget zombie film called One Cut of the Dead are shooting at an abandoned water filtration plant. The director, Higurashi, argues with actors and eventually abandons them. A real zombie apocalypse then begins to the delight of Higurashi, who insists that the camera operator continue filming.

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