Holiday Special (with Tracy Z. Maleeff)


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Holiday Special (with Tracy Z. Maleeff)

Advanced Persistent Security Podcast

Episode 28

Guest: Tracy Z. Maleeff

December 12, 2016

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Part 1

We did a quick review of Tracy’s (@InfoSecSherpa) background and entry into Information Security (InfoSec.) She is a returning guest to the podcast. Hear her first appearance here.

We discussed the UK reopening Bletchley Park as a cybersecurity school. Tracy told us about her uncle that did similar things in the US to Bletchley Park during World War II. We then discussed basic advice to prevent phishing and improve personal information security.

Part 2

We discussed Violet Blue‘s article, “Six Gifts for Your Paranoid Friends and Family.” One we discussed in-depth was the “USB Condom.” This device is capable of blocking unsolicited synchronizing and buffering against malware infections.

Tracy liked the RFID blocking wallet. We discussed the TOOOL‘s lock picking kit (Note: check your state for legality here). Next, we discussed the Onion Pi. This is a Raspberry Pi with Tor enabled for a secure proxy. The conversation briefly went on a tangent to discuss the MIT Riffle.

Part 3

As a contrast to the previous segment, Joe talked about some gifts he would like. He would really like Santa to bring him Hak5’s field kits. They contain “Rubber Duckies,” “LAN Turtles,” “Wi-Fi Pineapples (Nano and Tetras),” and an RF Hacking kit. Many of these were seen on the “Mr. Robot” TV show — guaranteed to make your friends and family paranoid!

About Tracy

Holiday Special (with Tracy Z. Maleeff)
Tracy Z. Maleeff

Tracy is an independent information professional providing research and social media consulting, with a focus on information security. She is a frequent presenter about best practices of data mining from social media, professional networking, and introduction to information security topics. Tracy has 15 years of experience as a librarian in academia, corporate, and law firm industries and earned a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She is the Principal of Sherpa Intelligence LLC – your guide up a mountain of information.

Contacting Tracy:

Twitter: @infosecsherpa
PVC Sec Podcast:
Link to Beginner’s Guide to Information Security: Kickstart your security career with insight from InfoSec experts (Book sourced from and mentioned in this podcast)
Peerlyst: tracy-z-maleeff


Hosted Locally on Advanced Persistent Security


Hosted Locally on Advanced Persistent Security




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