Episode 56 – Reviews of Disco Elysium, The Cult Marduk’s Longest Night, Murder by Numbers, Mission It’s Complicated and Tick Tock a Tale for Two


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This week, our three intrepid heroes bravely come out of self-isolation to discuss what games they would suggest playing when self-isolating. Later Tomas and Laura discuss Disco Elysium again while Seoirse becomes an assassin for a demonic, satanic cult. Laura also finds time to use nonograms to resolve a murder and Tomas and Seoirse talk clocks in a co-op adventure game which they reveal why they believe it is the perfect game to play together when social distancing.

Chinatown Detective Agency Kickstarter
Therefore Home Page
Hired Sword 2
The best video games to get lost in when self isolating
Games Reviewed
Disco Elysium Official Site
The Cult: Marduk's Longest Night Home Page Steam
Mission: It's Complicated Steam
Murder By Numbers Official Site
Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Official Site

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