Ep. 670: The Longest Annual Paddle Race in the World - Greg Wingo


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Ep. 670: The Longest Annual Paddle Race in the World - Greg Wingo

You don’t think of Alabama as holding many records in the world of endurance races (at least I don’t). However, you’d be wrong! Alabama is home to the Great Alabama 650, a 650-mile paddle race down the Alabama Scenic River Trail going from the northern part of the state out to the Gulf of Mexico. Racers face whitewater, battle tidewater currents, and hike around a dozen dams in an effort to reach the ocean and are expected to finish between 7-10 days.

Today we’re talking with the AL650 race director, Greg Wingo to learn just how challenging a race like this is to plan as well as compete in.


To follow the racers: www.alabamascenicrivertrail.com/al650-map

To learn more about the Great Alabama 650: www.alabamascenicrivertrail.com/calendar/great-alabama-650

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