Ep. 671: Professional Endurance Athlete - Ryan Kempson


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Growing up in the woods of Vermont, Ryan felt very comfortable with a lack of “rules” as he and his brother, Matthew, explored the forests, played in the mud, and generally lived free-range.

Ryan’s athletic pursuits eventually led him to the basketball court where he would spend his high school and college years excelling in the sport at a high level. The combination of being comfortable outdoors and the agility that basketball demands led Ryan to excel in the up and coming sport of obstacle course racing and even growing into being a professional in the sport.

Like many professional athletes, Ryan has faced near career-ending injuries, adjustments in focus, and changes in passions. He has since returned his focus to the outdoors and recently accomplished the fastest-known-time of climbing all five of Vermont's 4,000 ft peaks and connecting them by bike!

No matter what sport Ryan decides to focus on, it’s clear that he lives a life Without Compromise and continues to share what he knows with his students and mentees.

To find out more about Ryan:

Without Compromise video series on YouTube.

Instagram: @ryan.kempson


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