How Innovation is Poised to Disrupt Development with Aleks Gampel


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This episode of the A.CRE Audio Series features Aleksandr Gampel, a real estate professional and co-founder of Cuby Technologies. Cuby is a tech company working to change the way we build buildings altogether. If you look into the recent past, you'll see that the construction process overall hasn't changed in decades. With the huge growth of commercial real estate and its emphasis on the asset class, the demand for construction is higher than ever. However, with how we build today, it would be nearly impossible to meet this demand. There's just not enough labor to deliver on those buildings. This results in high costs and developers so squeezed on returns that they're unable to find as many deals. Aleksandr Gampel and his company, Cuby Technologies, work to solve this problem. Listen here to see Spencer, Michael, and Sam speak with Aleks on technology and construction in real estate and how they've evolved over time.

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