Aesthetics Uncensored


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Strap yourself in for Aesthetics Uncensored ... where your hosts will reveal all those burning questions you have about aesthetic procedures. From dry vagina to frozen faces you will hear candid discussions about the latest aesthetic trends. Your hosts - Trish Hammond is a beauty addict from Byron Bay, Trish lets it all hang out and hides nothing. From her weight loss journey to her vaginal rejuvenation Trish is a wealth of knowledge. Trish believes every human deserves to feel confident, free from inhibitions and fear. We can’t be lucky enough to have a balance, calm, cool and collected Trish because life just isn’t that easy. Which is why Nicole comes in like a wrecking ball, Nicole likes to try everything, regrets most things, has way too many non-surgical treatments and is also on edge forgetting a child or commitment. Highly frazzled and yet highly determined, Nicole thrives on helping others which is why she lives and breathes the aesthetic industry, an industry that changes lives. Nicole believes we cannot promote something we do not believe in, which is why she puts her body on the line and lives in a permanent state of recovery. Together on this podcast journey we dive into the heart of why treatments are so popular, share tear jerking stories and have a good deep belly laugh, because nothing is off limits! So like all good quickies, its time to dust off and get back to our day jobs! If you like the podcast please rate us because we need the validation for our fragile hearts. If you have a story to share or have a burning question you would like us to cover please slide into our DM’s on Instagram or facebook at anybodi aesthetics. Stay positive, keep your boobs and chins high until we chat again xoxo Trish & Nic

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