Using Staging Success to Launch a Design Career with Ashley Tapley


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I’m so excited to be back with you again this week, and I’m joined in this episode by Ashley Tapley of House Candy Home. Ashley has been a member of the Academy for just over a year, and she came from a career in marketing and graphic design. She started with a home staging business, and then after a couple years she had several realtors referring her to their clients who had recently purchased new homes and wanted help with interior design. Ashley felt like she needed to up her game in order to take on these clients and serve them well, so she sought out more education and landed in the Academy.

This episode, we discuss…

[3:04] Ashley’s leap from marketing to home staging

[4:15] Ashley’s background and family life

[5:38] Why Ashley felt she needed more education to serve interior design clients

[7:32] What made Ashley choose the Academy

[8:30] The characteristics of the Academy that appealed to Ashley

[12:45] What excites Ashley about interior design

[18:17] Ashley’s journey through the Academy

[21:01] The importance of mood boards

[24:28] The workload of interior design + home staging

[26:24] Advice for people who are hesitant to make the leap into interior design


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