Episode #96 - Morbius


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We want to suck your blooood. Cause we're vampires. Living vampires! Look at us fly around, with bats, and monster faces, and sharp teeth. OOoooOOOooo, YumChunks! About as much thought went into this intro as did the subject of this After the Credits episode. Sorry. But Sean and Matt are doing their best while being down a member of the YumChunks crew this week as Ryan is off galavanting around Europe. They warm themselves as best they can with some synthetic chunks around the fire as they discuss a few recent films from the last couple months, Death on the Nile, The Lost City, and Windfall, as well as some TV talk with Archive 81, and Our Flag Means Death. But that's not why you're here, you want that authentic stuff, the real blood. And don't worry, it's a feeding frenzy, as the boys pick apart the latest Sony Spider-verse-(sans Spider-man)-Venom-verse entry, Morbius. Were they able to find anything worth the effort in this empty vessel? Listen in to find out. And make sure you stay after the discussion for some more juicy listener email. Dr. YumChunks, at your service.

  • Chunkfire Stories - 04:15
  • Morbius Summary - 26:22
  • Morbius Discussion - 33:50
  • Listener Email - 01:22:40

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