Author of GPS My Success, Karim Ellis, turned CEO and Accomplished Entrepreneur from being Homeless


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Have you ever noticed that before an anticipated big break, new job offer, spontaneous miracle, or the start of a new journey that is always preceded by a strenuous, upsetting or traumatizing event? Life tends to prepare someone for instances that they will appreciate more since rock bottom has been experienced.

Life also comes in waves with high and low tides with bashful and harsh currents. It is completely up to you for how long you could be out there searching for “why do I have misfortune?”. The road map for finding your path in life is always difficult, but unique to every employee, entrepreneur, and business owner!

The Against All Odds Radio Show Presents:
Author of GPS My Success, Karim Ellis, turned CEO and Accomplished Entrepreneur from being Homeless
It is no secret that our host, Sean V. Bradley, has had an interesting life story that separates him from the rest of the herd. L.A. Williams, co-host of the Against All Odds Radio Show, is no different in the sense that he has experienced hurdles that your average person can never relate to! They invited Karim Ellis, CEO of Empowered 2 Win, to this week’s show to apply pressure on the concept of networking, and building connections to place you on the path that you are destined for. This discussion took so many positive turns, but shed light on valuing your failures to train your perseverance to take on every challenge.

About Karim Ellis

As a professional speaker and seven year member of the National Speakers Association, Karim R. Ellis has dedicated his career to education and influencing individuals to become the best version of themselves. He is a transformational life coach with over 10 years of experience under his belt. Ellis is the former President of Toastmasters International, yet maintained being the owner of two successful businesses simultaneously for over 20 years!

He is mentored by Les Brown, former member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1981. After a devastating break up in his early life that left him homeless and in debt, Karim Ellis took charge of his life to become the author of GPS My Success, a resource for career identification and self-improvement. Karim’s platform is founded on the idea that success derives from what you love. His analogies are certainly empowering, motivational, and well-spoken!
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GPS My Success:Your vision in life will set the tone for every successful venture.

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