From Robbing & Stealing OVER $1 Million Dollars To 12 Years In Prison To Becoming A Millionaire… Legally: Peter Myerhoff


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This week on the Against All Odds Radio Show, hosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and L.A. Williams discuss Vice TV’s hit show, “I Was A Teenage Felon”. Sean is the star of the season 2 finale. His episode, “King of Clubs”, airs on November 22, 2021 at 10:00 PM EST. Joining Sean and L.A. today is Peter “Chappy” Meyerhoff. Peter was the star of “Shot Caller”, the 5th episode of season 2 of Vice TV’s “I Was A Teenage Felon”.
As a child, Peter Meyerhoff had the world in the palm of his hand. Like most other children, he played sports. On top of that, he was involved in modeling and even starred in a movie. However, once he entered high school, everything changed. He started using drugs and ultimately got arrested several times for stealing cars and robbing houses. When he turned 18, Peter received a 12 year sentence in prison.
When Peter got out of prison, he was a 30 year old man with only an 8th grade education. However, by transferring his pains from prison to drive for success, Peter hit the ground running. This drive led to him making a couple million dollars five years later.
Then, Peter started his podcast, Roll Call with Chappy. His podcast helps motivate people, as well as telling his story across prisons and jails across the country. Additionally, Peter owns his own clothing company, Sobr Life Clothing. Peter’s goals are to motivate people when he speaks using the mental strength he acquired in solitary confinement, helping people get sober, and change the recidivism rate by showing people what’s really possible with the right drive and no excuses.
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