Get the Most Out of Social Media Tools with Automotive Retail Head of Facebook and Instagram: Bob Lanham


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The Against All Odds Radio Show Presents: Get the Most Out of Social Media Tools with Automotive Retail Head of Facebook: Bob Lanham
Facebook is the platform that reaches 231 million people every month, 178 million people everyday, and is the #1 social media network in the world! However, let’s be clear, Facebook has not been a social network for many years. Facebook transitioned to a mobile media marketing platform that is praised by businesses. While social is the functionality of the platform, media is the intent that drives businesses to utilize Facebook.

Each social media platform has its own purposes and unique features that separate it from the rest, and it is critical that business owners understand the personalization of each platform’s user behavior to maximize their success. Social media is the top form of communication on the globe, and Facebook possesses over 30 different tools to help you communicate to consumers.
Sean V. Bradley, and co-host L.A. Williams touch base with Facebook’s Automotive Retail Head, Bob Lanham. During the exciting episode of all things social media, Bob Lanham places emphasis on how the multi-billion dollar media platform can be used as the best business advantage tool, and what super features can cut your advertising budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
About Bob Lanham
Bob Lanham began his legacy in the automotive industry in 1997 where he worked as a commission only car salesman at Toyota of Sarasota. In a matter of three years at Toyota of Sarasota, Lanham was able to conquer the titles of the F&I Manager and Internet Manager.

With his focus in media marketing and internet sales, Bob Lanham moved on to work at international companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Hulu, and Shazam. For the past six years, Bob has been able to use his knowledge of the automotive industry as a strong asset to the Facebook team. The head of a multi-billion dollar vertical manages the platform that reaches up to millions of people daily for automotive industry updates, tips, guidance, and marketing strategies.

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