Interviewing A YouTuber With Over 300 Million Views & Star Of A Vice TV Hit Show: Marcus "Big Herc 916" Timmons


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This week on the Against All Odds Radio Show, hosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and L.A. Williams discuss true Against All Odds stories. More specifically, that there is life and opportunity after prison. Sean V. Bradley, CSP knows this story all too well. After spending six years in prison, he is now owns several multi-million dollar companies and is the star of Vice TV’s hit TV show, “I Was A Teenage Felon” season 2. Airing November 22nd at 10:00 PM EST, his episode, “King of Clubs” is the season 2 finale.

Joining Sean and L.A. this week is Marcus “Big Herc” Timmons. As a child, Big Herc never got into trouble. He was a straight A student with a 4.0 student and wanted to be a professional skateboarder. However, there came a point where he was not able to afford everything he needed for skateboarding, which led him to basketball. Through basketball, he got more related to the drug game, and eventually started to sell drugs. Big Herc got involved in the gang life and ended up spending 3 years in prison for being an accessory to a home invasion.

After his 3 year prison sentence, Big Herc got into the adult film industry and went back to college. From there, he started selling weed, which led to involvement in other drugs. Then, he got involved in a bank robbery, which landed him a 120 month prison sentence.

Big Herc eventually turned his life around. He was a star of Vice Tv’s hit show, “I Was A Teenage Felon” in season 1. He has over 300 million views on his two YouTube Channels, Fresh Out and Big Herc 916. His podcast, Fresh Out Series: Life After The Penitentiary, is also a giant success. The whole point of the series is to show many that there is hope, and it doesn’t mean that you are not capable of accomplishments.


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