Understand Money & Wealth Secrets of the Rich from Hedge Fund Guru: Joel Block


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Full Episode Blog: Understand money and wealth secrets of the Rich from hedge fund guru: Joel Block
During the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, people began looking into different streams of income to have just in case something went sour. Most people turned to investing in stocks, and educating themselves on financial literacy. However, the common person doesn’t understand that money can be publicly and privately invested.

Public investing is open to everyone, but private investing is exclusively available for those that make a constant six to seven figures yearly. Those certain people are eligible for hedge funds with specific qualifications. Although there is an ambiguity that comes with the concept of a hedge fund, it can be the most useful financial strategy.
The Against All Odds Radio Show Presents: Invest your money with tips from the financially prosperous
During this week’s insightful conversation, Sean V. Bradley and L.A. Williams was in the presence of a hedge fund and financial guru, Joel Block! The natural born salesman, Joel Block, was able to help our Against All Odds hosts understand what a hedge fund is, how it can be utilized, who can have access to its resources, and the significance of having one.

About Joel Block

Joel Block is a motivational keynote speaker, and a member of the National Speakers Association. Specifically, he is an elite member of the Million Dollar Speakers Group within the NSA organization. As a venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, Block is an advocate for preparing large companies for their future in the industry.

With having expertise in media, revenue development, and publishing, Mr. Joel Block is a proud author for his new book Stop Husting Gigs and Start Building a Business.
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