ATGthePodcast 100 - Do Librarians Matter and What Might Matter to Librarians?


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Audio from a keynote of the 2020 Charleston Library Conference, presented by John Palfrey, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, who will share his thoughts on the importance of librarians and their work. The question of “Where to from here?” will be on everyone’s mind in the immediate aftermath of both a pandemic and a federal election. Regardless of the outcomes, libraries and librarians will matter. In Palfrey’s book, BiblioTech (Basic Books, 2015), he argued that librarians matter more than ever in a digital age. He will share updated thinking on the moment we live in, the possibilities for librarians, the risks information professionals face in unstable times, and why we all rely so heavily on the institution of the library in communities and on campuses.

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