ATGthePodcast 116 - Blurred Lines: Libraries, Bookstores, and Academic Partnerships


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Today's audio is from a Neopolitan Session of the 2020 Charleston Library Conference, presented by Meg White, Senior Consultant, DeltaThink and Director of Vendor Partnerships, Charleston Hub; Richard Hershman, Vice President of Government Relations, National Association of College Stores; Jennifer Chan, Scholarly Communication Librarian, UCLA; and Lisa Nachtigall, Director, Global Institutional Resellers and Channel Strategy, Oxford University Press.

Libraries and bookstores have traditionally co-existed on campus, each serving discrete functions and together, powering the information needed to support the academic and research enterprise. In the era of electronic information, e-learning and the virtual classroom, these traditional roles have been blurred. Who is the gatekeeper for the information needed for research, teaching, and learning? Are there new roles and partnerships emerging for the bookstore and the library and which skill sets are needed? What is the cost of this information and who pays for it? What is the potential role of Open Access in this equation? Can and should libraries and bookstores impact textbook affordability?

This panel of a librarian, a bookstore manager, and a publisher will discuss the challenges and opportunities for collaboration as the academic information landscape continues to evolve.

Video of the presentation available at:

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