ATGthePodcast 123 - Conversation with Sarah Lippincott, Independent Consultant for Library Publishers


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Today's episode features a conversation with Sarah Lippincott. The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Editor in chief of the Charleston Briefings and Conference Director at the Charleston Conference.

Sarah Lippincott is an independent consultant who was formerly the Program Director for the Library Publishing Coalition, an organization created by the Educopia Institute in 2013 to bring together a community of Library Publishers to share ideas and create a set of common practices.

Sarah is currently working with the Educopia Institute on a project called Next Generation Library Publishing. This program focuses on establishing initiatives to promote best practices around technology, publishing principles, ROI, and the necessary infrastructure for library publishers and their partners.

Sarah helps to empower libraries of any size who want to begin a Publishing Program, and she helps develop plans to expand the capacity for library publishing with smaller universities, universities that don't have a history of publishing, and universities that don't have a university press to collaborate with.

Sarah wrote about library publishing for the Charleston Briefings 5 years ago, and she talks with us about what has changed in Library Publishing since that time.

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