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Today's episode features a conversation with Anthony Watkinson. The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Editor in chief of the Charleston Briefings and Conference Director at the Charleston Conference.

Anthony Watkinson is cofounder of CIBER Research and a former publishing executive. Anthony began his education as an Ecclesiastical historian studying the Church of England in the 19th century. His first job was as a librarian at Oxford University in the late 1960s. His next job spanned 11 years as a manuscript procurement editor for the Academic Press working with scientists. He then worked as a mathematical publisher for Oxford University Press where he eventually took over as head of Journals. He was approached by Thompson Corporation to be the publishing director at Chapman Hall, a small English publisher, where he worked for about a decade. Anthony has been self-employed since the late 90's as an academic information scientist. In 2002 he helped found CIBER Research. He also has served as a Charleston Conference Director for many years and received the Vicky Speck ABC-Clio Leadership award in 2006. Anthony received a grant to help early career researchers from eight different countries.

Anthony talks with us about why working with researchers is crucial for Librarians and Publishers. He reminisces with us about the early days of the Charleston Conference, and he believes the Charleston Conference remains vital for helping Librarians, Publishers and Vendors understand one another and work together.

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