Against The Rocks


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Against The Rocks! This is my personal journal. I was furloughed in April of 2020 and laid off on August 7th due to Covid19. Although I will be sharing about my OCD and my struggle daily with it, this is also where I'm going to talk about anything that comes to mind!!! I'm old and I don't have that filter between my brain and my mouth so you never know what is going to come out. I like to share about things that happen with my dogs, cats, life in general, weight loss journey, fitness and gaming, and my new job in relocation! Since being furloughed in April, I've been trying to re-establish myself and maybe, just maybe, create a new career. Please check out my website! If you would like to contact me with suggestions for my podcast or to make any comments, please email me at Thanks for downloading, subscribing and please take a moment to rate my podcast! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! Please consider donating to help keep us on the air!

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