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Cynthia and Daniel discuss the 2018 romantic comedy Christmas Catch, starring Emily Alatalo and Franco Lo Presti. Should you hold out for a relationship that starts ""serendipitously""? Can being too obsessed with Christmas compromise your police work - or criminality? What's wrong with these people that they are not drinking their delicious hot chocolate with peppermint sprinkles? Most importantly: does this movie give endorphins?
Cover art by Paul Saunders, theme song written and performed by by Ali Lipman.
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Romantic movies give us endorphins - even when they suck. Each episode, Cynthia and Daniel (Fight the Future with Dan and Paul) talk about a romantic comedy or romantic drama, digging into both the plot and the romance, and answering questions like: What happens the day after the end of the movie? Which romantic gestures are endearing (ooo!) and which are just creepy (eww!)? Will the couple make it? And does this movie, regardless of quality, deliver the happy-making endorphins we could all use right now?

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