AggroChat #338 - Invisible Juggernauts


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Tonight we recorded a relatively short show since we knew Sunday we would be losing an hour of time as we “spring forward”. Tonight we have a handful of topics that have been floating around our list for a while. Firstly we talk about folks being shocked that Roblox is apparently valued at 38 billion dollars during the initial public offering. We talk about the concept of invisible games, or the games that media and gamers just aren’t talking about but are massive. From there we talk about the importance of judgement free difficulty settings. Tam talks a bit about exploring No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality and how the game has changed over time. Finally as we wrap up we talk about just how phenomenal WandaVision was and how all of you should go out and watch it.

Topics Discussed:

  • Games that Games Media Don’t Talk About
    • Why Roblox is worth 38 billion dollars
    • Dungeon Fighter Online
    • Mobile Games
  • Games Need Difficulty Settings
    • Challenges playing with Kids
    • Judgement Free Difficulty Settings
    • Accessibility Needs
  • No Man’s Sky in VR
    • Valheim in Space?
  • Watch WandaVision
    • No spoilers just talking about it being good

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